Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing - Live in Germany

Die legendäre Aufzeichnung aus dem WDR Rockpalast vom 16.02.1979 mit Mark und David Knopfler, John Illsley und Pick Withers wurde im Dezember 2008 auf DVD veröffentllicht (Import).

Dire Straits plays an early live concert, performed in Germany in 1979 and deftly captured on video. Here we see the original band in the first blush of its amazing international success - Mark and Dave Knopfler on lead and rhythm guitars, John Illsley on bass, Pick Withers on drums. The band’s first, benchmark album is out, and ‘Sultans Of Swing’ is a huge hit. For all its newfound success, Dire Straits here puts on a carefully polished, musically serious show, full of the nuance and intelligence that characterized the band’s memorable career in rock. A very young Mark Knopfler is of course front and center, with his trademark Dylan-influenced vocals, seductive guitar playing, and dark and thoughtful songs. Those sings include, along with ‘Sultans,’ beloved numbers from the breakout album: ‘Water Of Love,’ ‘Down To The Waterline,’ ‘Six Blade Knife,’ ‘Wild West End,’ and others, as well as a batch of what were then new songs, including ‘Lady Writer’ and ‘Once Upon A Time In The West.



Track Listing:

01 Down To The Waterline
02 Six Blade Knife
03 Once Upon A Time In The West
04 Lady Writer
05 Single Handed Sailor
06 Water Of Love
07 In The Gallery
08 Follow Me Home
09 News
10 What’s The Matter Baby?
11 Lions
12 Sultans Of Swing
13 Wild West End
14 Where Do You Think You’re Going?
15 Eastbound Train
16 Sultans Of Swing (Redux)

Rock For Asia - Das Charity Konzert

Innerhalb vier Wochen nach der Tsunami-Katastrophe wurden etliche namhafte Musiker dafür gewonnen, unentgeltlich für die Flutopfer zu spielen. Am 27.01.05 ging in Ingolstadt die Veranstaltung über die Bühne. Neben Nu Pagadi, In Extremo, Saxon, Doro und Dire Straits-Mitbegründer David Knopfler und anderen internationalen Stars waren auch deutsche Vertreterinnen wie Claudia Jung und Veronika Fischer beteiligt.

Der einzige Kritikpunkt (so ein Amazon-Kritiker) bleibt, "dass lediglich die sensationelle Rockröhre Bonnie Tyler, Rolf Stahlhofen und Dorothee De Kay live gesungen haben, der Rest war Playback. Nichtsdestotrotz kommt bei fast allen Darbietungen Power rüber ... 2,50 € von jeder "Rock For Asia"-DVD gehen direkt an die SOS-Kinderdörfer. Dafür gibt's ca. 160 Minuten feinste Unterhaltung und das gute Gewissen quasi als Bonus dazu. Eine feine Sache!"




Track Listing:

01 Under Blues Skies - Bonfire
02 Proud Of My Country - Bonfire
03 Song for Asia (plus Orchestra) - Bonfire
04 It's A Heartache - Bonnie Tyler
05 Sweet Child Of Mine - Bonnie Tyler
06 Erdbeermund - In Extremo
07 Omnia Sol Temperat - In Extremo
08 Get The Hell Out Of My Way - Krypteria
09 Liberatio - Krypteria
10 Sweetest Poison - Nu Pagadi
11 Dying Words - Nu Pagadi
12 Thunder & Lightning - Doro
13 Für immer - Doro
14 Lavatory Lovemachine - Edguy
15 King Of Fools - Edguy
16 Poison - Groove Coverage
17 Coco Jambo - Mr. President
18 Hellvetia - Chrystal Ball
19 I Won't Let Me Down - Com N Rail
20 If I Knew The Way - Com N Rail
21 Um den Schlaf gebracht - Claudia Jung
22 Amazing Grace - Dorothee De Kay
23 Ship Of Dreams - David Knopfler 
24 Easy Street - David Knopfler

25 Man & Machine - Saxon
26 Requiem (We Will Remember) - Saxon
27 Zeit was zu ändern - Rolf Stahlhofen
28 Grosse Mädchen weinen nicht - Rolf Stahlhofen
29 Still Loving You - Rarebell & Raab
30 All You Need Is Love - Man Doki Soulmates
31 Imagine - Man Doki Soulmates Finale:
32 Song for Asia (plus Orchester) mit allen - Bonfire & Friends

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Rock & Pop Classics

Disc 1:
01 10 Years After - Hear Me Calling
02 10 Years After - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
03 10 Years After - I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
04 Colosseum - Elegy
05 Colosseum - Stormy Monday Blues
06 Steve Lukather - Rock Medley
07 Steve Lukather - Frankenstein
08 Joe Cocker - Look What You Have Done
09 Joe Cocker - Many Rivers To Cross
10 Rick Derringer - Five Long Years
11 Rick Derringer - Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Coo
12 Rick Derringer - Have Your Heard
13 Roger Chapman - Shadow On The Wall
14 Roger Chapman - 2 Pieces Of Silver

Disc 2:
01 David Knopfler - Mercy With The Wine
02 David Knopfler - Hey Jesus
03 David Knopfler - Soul Kissing

04 Jefferson Starship - Sketches Of China
05 Jefferson Starship - White Rabbit
06 Jefferson Starship - Somebody To Love
07 Bonnie Tyler - Lost In France
08 Bonnie Tyler - It's A Heartache
09 Nazareth - Razamanas
10 Nazareth - This Month's Messiah
11 Nazareth - Love Hurts
12 Iron Butterfly - I A Gadda Da Viva
13 Iron Butterfly - In The Time Of Our Lives

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