"Heartlands", die neue CD kommt in den nächsten Tagen auf den Markt. Im März 2020 plant David mit Harry wieder durch Deutschland zu touren. Termine noch nicht bekannt.

The Midnight Shaker 3:00 - Easter Rising 3:24 - Heartlands 3:35 - Washington Decides 4:34 - I've got My Eye on You 4:32 - Siren Sunsets 3:41 - Walk by the River 2:34 - Working Lives 3:35 - Waiting for the Call 3:23 - This House 3:48 - Cats in the Rigging 3:28 - This is the Place 5:34

David und Mark: Keine Teilnahme an der "Dire Straits Rock Hall Ceremony"


David in Facebook vom 15. April 2018:

"Many thanks to those Hall of Fame members and fans of Dire Straits who collectively voted to induct the band into the HofF - I hear the acceptance speeches by John, Alan and Guy did us all proud. Onwards and upwards."

FB 27. April 2018:

"Well, I have to say that as awards go, this is one of the most stylish and solid. Other award givers could take lessons. Glad they got something right in this debacle. 
#HallOfFame. Thanks to Shelby Morrison for posting it without solicitation and for the much appreciated apology."

Next Album!

FB vom 19. April 2018:

"Been working on my tracks for the next album. Having a day of feeling like this could easily be my best work yet. What a joy it is listening to the individual performances of my fellow musicians, Harry Bogdanovs, Pete Shaw and Martin Ditcham. Step by step."

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