Galerie 1

Hin und wieder ertappe ich mich dabei, wie ich Bilder auf meinem Mac
entwerfe. So wie die meisten Musiker sollte auch ich mich vielleicht lieber auf
meinen Hauptberuf konzentrieren und nicht irgendwelche Gemälde kritzeln.
Allerdings muss man sich ja nur die Pop Charts ansehen um zu erkennen, dass
jeder mal klein anfängt. DK

Once in a while, I find myself creating images on my Mac. As with most musicians, it probably proves the adage, that we should stick to our day jobs and shouldn't noodle in the visual arts. However, you only have to look at the pop charts, to see that everyone has to start somewhere. DK

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Deptford Days

I guess you knew
The way I feel about you
More than any words can say
Yeah it's true
I never made love with you
But I loved you anyway

Against the light
I saw you smiling, laughing
As you turned to me you waved
Ooh such a night
I was never more than happy
Than to stand and hear you play
Deptford Days

And here at last
I find I really loved you
So the piper now, he's got to pay
Don't cling to your past
Don't build my words around it
Or forever these feelings will stay

Against the light
I saw you smiling, laughing
I see you turn and walk away
Ooh such a night
You seemed more than happy
Just to stand and hear me play
Deptford Days

Lyric by David Knopfler
© Dormant Music Ltd 1995
Image © 1998
from the album "small mercies"